Friday, 15 July 2011

Summer time :)

Hey girls! :)

    I didn't post anything for about a month now (I feel ashamed... not :). But I've got some news to share:

1. I got Bio-ionic straightenner for my 18th birthday and it's working perfectly! :) Would you like me to do some review about it? It's really magical.

2. I got an iPad2 for my birthday and it's magical as well... I don't thing you guys would be interested, but there is a few apps I really like and I could probably share with you? :)

3. I'm going to Spain this Sunday for a month (that means, hopefully, a lot of free time for blogging. :)

    These first two weeks I've been partying almost all the time... :)) And yesterday I saw the last Harry Potter. So sad!!! I was depressed whole today... it was whole my childhood and it just finished... anyway... :) 
   Here is just few photos from the last week - I've got a lot more, but it's not suitable for this blog, haha. :)


As most of the time of the holiday I spent out of the city, I'm trying to keep it simple - just a T-shirt and jeans, perfectly comfortable and not that bad looking. No original outfits this time... :)

The photos:

1. Frisco - favourite summer drink, when coctails are not avaible ;)
2. Thinking about.....
3. My friend and me with iPad (it's not an Apple cover, but I think it's
so much better than "smartcover from Apple"..
4. Me behind the rope (my friend trying to be artistic :P)

   I'm going to pack my stuff now. So lazy to do it! :D

How is your holiday, what did you do already and where are you going to go? :)