Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The only thing is hotter than spanish weather - spanish guys! ;)

¡Hola chicas!

The holiday is nearly finishing, but I hope you enjoyed your holiday at least as much as I did! The best oart was actually when I spent one month in Spain.. That was just awesome! I was never partying so much and trust me, that means something ;D
But enough talking and let me show you some photos!:)

I didn't post for a while and here's why - since I've got my iPad2, I never use the laptop, but I didn't have any app for blogging! Finally I've found an editor, it's called Bloggerplus and it costs about 2,40€, but it's totally worth it! ;)

All those photos are taken from my iPad, so I'm sorry for the quality (even I think it's not that bad :).
Next time, I promise I'll upload some photos of my outfits :) I was shopping a lot whole time I was in Spain, so I have lots of new clothes to show!

Enjoy the summer days as much as you can! Xoxo

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  1. Spanish guys indeed! Lovely post! ;) Vanessa