Friday, 14 January 2011

Hermione's outfit in Deathly Hallows part 3

And here we are, continuing of Emma's alias Hermione's wardrobe. Today I found a sweater she wore in the last film!

And here is where you can buy it! I found out it's from Zara, unfortunately it's the one from '09 collection, so they no longer sell it, but you can have a look on eBay and maybe you will be lucky ;)


Another colour, but it's actually the same one, which is also sold in navy blue. It's from Zara and it's called Fairisle Knitted Button Cardigan.

And did you like this jacket? :) I bet you did! It's an H&M Beige jacket and it looks really cool!

                             I hope you liked it! Come back soon to check new updates!


  1. Oh, you are a detective! I like it! :-)

  2. Haha, I was just amazed by her fashionable outfits ;) And thanks :) x