Thursday, 14 April 2011

Maslenitsa 2011 - Russian festival in London

These are photos from Maslenitsa, Russian festival in London (Trafalgar square). I was there because many of my friends in England come from Russia, I'm trying to learn the language and I love the people and culture. (even more after this event ;)

This was on Oxford Circus, the man playing a statue was just awesome. It was quite cold and I wanted to feel comfortable, so I choosed to wear just a very simple outfit - cozy trainers (Ed Hardy, these I bought just before Christmas for my last money, but I just couldn't leave them there, could I? ;) blue slim jeans (one of my favourites) and my favourite black spring coat. :) As you can see we were also shopping on Oxford Street before. (Yeah, Primark...)

Me, happy. :) I love my oversized purse, which is really great, because it's cute (there is a bow on it :) and so big I can comfortably fit everything in it!! (all the club cards, discounts.. there is tons of it!!). And my black leather bag from New look - this one matches almost all of my clothes... :)

Me and my friend Joana with woman in typical russian clothes. I just remembered, this is the very first day I had my fringe!!!! Such a difference! By the way, the red scarf I'm wearing is the one I wrote about in one of my first posts - it's kind of similar to Hermione's scarf in last HP film. It's from New Look and it's one of these things I bought and I felt I never want to take off! ;D

And the last one, with all of my friends attending and Russian flag! It was a lovely day and I swear that Russian people are so nice and friendly! :)

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  1. ahhh. i want to be in london so bad..
    and it's neat to see a russian fest there!