Monday, 18 April 2011

What I wore today (and what I bought :-)

Hi, fashion maniacs! :p

Just one thing today - I want to thank all my followers! :) It's an awesome feeling to know you don't post on your blog just for yourself ;D

Today's casual outfit:

I took this photo on the roof again. (There's no better place where to take them, which is sad, but..)

What I wore:
Light pink trousers: Amisu
Animal print 'dress': H&M
Black coat: Clockhouse
Shoes: Atmosphere

And here is what I bought today:

A scarf from Dorothy Perkins. I never went to that shop before, but my friend took me there today. I was amazed! Such a lovely clothes! So at least I bought this scarf. 

Hope you had a good Monday! :-)


  1. Lovely scarf! You look very cute. Following you now! xoxo

  2. Thanks for your kind comment !! You have a nice blog so I decided to follow you via Google Friend !

    Take care


  3. your so cool i am following you!!!

  4. haha freaking loving the prints, awesome :)
    Lydz xX

  5. Love your blog! Thank you for following me.. Your style is great. Followed back :)

    Monica from F&ML: Fashion And My Life

  6. Hi! Thanks again for the follow. Love your style! Glad we found your blog. :-)
    Jayme & Mendi