Thursday, 22 August 2013

Boyfriend's shirt

      How are you?
      Today I'm gonna blog about myself a bit. Who am I? Let's say I'm a girl, who loves fashion, but  
   there are other things, too. That's probably why I stop blogging time to time, and then I continue
   again after few months or so. In that time I usually strongly focus on something different. I had quite a
   busy half-year - I did my final exams in my school and I did an exam for university, too. I passed! :)
   So since October I'm a fresh university student and I have to say I'm quite looking forward to it.

   Recognize this, right? :) Starbucks, of course. I'm quite a frequent visitor there, because my boyfriend
   works there. I think it's a lovely place to work, because everyone there is really friendly. I also get a
   free beverages ^^ so I won't lie if I say I visit Starbucks every other day.
   I like the dresscode anyway, don't you? ;)

                                                                               x x x

    I wanted to put a picture of my boyfriend here, but I didn't ask him yet, so I'll have to wait until he
   approves it :P.
      He says I take photos a lot :D I don't. I just like to get memories with my iPhone - to be honest,
   since I got an iPhone for my birthday last year, I don't hardly ever use my Nikon. Maybe it's a pity,
   but it's just too heavy to carry it all the time.

       This is the photo taken on the tram station near planetarium, where we've been. It's quite an
   exciting experience, I might write a post about it later. As I mentioned in the last post, I prefer the big
   bags, but that day I didn't have much to carry, so I just took my little black 'festival' bag.

What I wore:
Red skinny trousers: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: H&M
Tshirt: Gate
Shirt: Fallen

    I love that shirt and fact, that I can actually wear my boyfriends clothes! (We're about the same size :)
   And my hair weren't too bad that day. It's funny that sometimes I can straighten them and 5 minutes I
   walk out of my house, they are wavy again. :/ Kind of upsetting :P

    I always said London is my favourite city and Prague was always the second. I may be that
   Barcelona have pushed Prague to the third place, but I still really love it. An amazing city to visit, for
   sure! :)

    'Hipster swag'. Favourite phrase these days, because it just sounds so stupid. :P Anyway, I think me
    and my bf are hipsters a bit - him working at Starbucks and me, starting to work in Apple soon. How
    cool is that.. ^^

                                  That's all for now, but I'll be back soon! xxx


  1. Congrats for the job at Apple. Sweet! Aww you and your bf are so cute (even if I can't see his face)! Great post and I'm excited to read more...
    xoxx, Monica
    HAVE A LOOK AT MY BLOGGY ~ F&ML: Fashion And My Life...

  2. Moc i o sluší:)
    Přijde se podivat take ke me budu rada :)

  3. Nice outfit, the shirt suits you :)

  4. vyzeráš super!
    skvelé fotky!

    Kejmy ♥.

  5. košile je skvělá!:) s těma městama to mám stejně:) Londýn první, pak mám Amsterdam druhá a pak Prahu:) A Barcelona mě taky uchvátila:) To je míst pro život:-D

  6. Vypadáš úžasně! A nejkrásnější je tvůj úsměv! :)

  7. mas uzasne vlasky!

    Inak posledne dni WELEDA giveaway:

  8. Super blog! Nechceš se vzájemně sledovat? Byla bych moc ráda!:)

    Vik Ladyla