Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My wardrobe


   Today I'm going to show you my wardrobe. I've recently sorted it out, but i still have a feeling there are some things I don't wear that much... :)

From the left:

On the hangers on the left side of my wardrobe I keep dresses and other "tops". This includes sweaters, blazers, shirts... and on the very end, there is a few things for the special occasions (prom dress, formal trousers etc.).

In the middle on the top you can see jeans, trousers and scarves. Those are also on hangers, because they fit in better than when they're just placed somewhere in the wardrobe. I try to match scarves with my outfits a lot, it's my favourite accessory. 

On the right side of my wardrobe, right on the top, there is a special place for things, which don't belong to me. :) Let me explain: there are some things borrowed/exchanged with my friends, which I still keep, because my friends are in possesion of some of my things, too. And on the right, there is a little space for my boyfriend's clothes. :)

Shoes.. a bit of an obsession. I don't have enough space for them at all, so I keep the other half downstairs. In the very bottom shelf I keep gift bags from my favourite things and bags, which I'm using for sport and travelling. 

Bags. My absolutely favourite part of clothing. This is about 1/4 of all bags I own, but I can say they are my favourite. I like when the bag is big and I can stuff a lot of things inside.

Last, there is a bit of my little bags. I don't wear them that much, because as I mentioned, the bigger the bag is, the better. So these are mainly for formal occasions such as prom or theatre or the other big thing, which are summer festivals and concerts. :)

Let me know if you'd be interested in closer look to my wardrobe and feel free to post your blog in comments! :)

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