Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to sort out wardrobe


   I have been thinking about the topic I should write about, as I wanted it to be something useful for anyone. 
   So today's article is gonna be about sorting your clothes in the closet. It may seem easy, but it took me quite a while to do that. The thing is, I always buy new clothes, but I 'only' have one wardrobe - that means that by the time I have to put some of my clothes away - which is quite hard, because I'm always thinking "What if I'll ever need this thing?" 

So I made a few rules you should read before you start:

1. Always throw away things which are broken
    - this means, DON'T keep any tshirts with holes in them, no scratched jeans, no clothes with 
      unremovable stains on them

2. Things you haven't wore for a year or longer
    - ask yourself: "Do I like this?" "Will I ever wear it again?" If no, throw it straight away, if unsure, 
      put it in the bag and place it somewhere (possibly under the bed)

3. Seasonal things
    - no need to keep winter coats in your closet during the summer or swimsuit during the winter - it just 
      makes your closet even more confusing - same as point three - put it in the bag and keep it 

 4. Too small or too big
     - admit it - you won't fit in that shorts you bought when you were 12 years old again, put it away 
       now. Same with the bigger sizes - if you successfully lost your weight, get rid of the big clothes 

   When I meantion "throw away", it doesn't necessarily mean "throw it in the bin". Why don't you give it to you friend, sister... or you can always bring it to poor people home.

And a great tip I recently found:

"Take pictures of your outfits and put it inside your closet - this way you'll find the matching clothes more easily."

"You only use 20% of your clothes 80% of the time." 

   Next time, I might show you a bit of my closet. :)

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