Thursday, 5 May 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

         Delicious! My favourite treat at the moment! :)

No, this is not me! :D

Hey everyone :)
Last night I couldn't sleep - besides other things I have to solve - I felt so bad I didn't post on the blog for over a week! I promise there will be next post on the weekend. 
So I decided to upload these photos I took few days ago, when I went to the park with my friend. This is Alina - I have to admit I could have take better photo of her, haha.
To be very honest, apart from I'm really busy right now - today I got to finish my project from Design Tech and tomorrow I'm doing the english ESOL test - maybe I'm in love.... :) But the person is far, far away... well, let's see how everything is gonna end! Wish me luck! :) xxx 

Have a lovely, sunny day! 


  1. adorable shoes & bag! :D
    chic sunnies!