Sunday, 29 May 2011

What's in my bag? .)

Hello! :)
   Today's post is not going to be really original - the 'What do I have in my bag' thing was done by loads of bloggers already. But I hope you'll forgive me, because I did it kind of for my personal memory as well (as I'm going back to Czech just in 'few' days). 

1. Skullcandy headphones

   Quality ones. I have these for more than a year now and they still work very well. I never had earphones for such a long time.And the sound is also really good. 

2. iPod nano

   This is a real essential. Wherever I go, I always try to have iPod on me, because it's so much better to listen to my favourite songs than little children screaming or elderly people gossiping.

3. Fitness timetable

   I try to go to the gym twice a week. Unfortunately, it's not really near to my house, so I have to walk (or take a bus) on the other end of town. And this means I go to the gym usually just once a week. They have some interesting lessons though - I tried the popular 'Zumba' twice - I didn't like it much. But I really like Body Sculpt. Why? Because the trainer is so hot! ;)

4. Random cards

   There is always more or less rubbish in my bag. Usually it's all sorts of receipts, tickets to train, Zoo, museum, galleries, everything what couldn't fit in my purse, but I might need it. :D And also an Oyster, really useful thing :).

5. Camera

   This should symbolise my camera, which I carry with me most of the time (obviously I couldn't make a picture of it, because I don't have any other instead the camera on my phone and that one is quite poor). I have Nikon D90 and I love it! I got it for my last birthday (which was almost a year ago) and I think it was the best present I've ever got. Hooray, because I think this blog wouldn't exist without it.
   It seems to be a bit broken now - I think there is something with shutter, because as you can see on some of the pictures, there is a black line on one edge of the photo. I'm going to repair it as soon as I will be back in Czech.

6. Purse

   Maybe the most important thing in my bag. :P Here could be an article about my purse itself - there is so much different stuff inside... :) I really like it's design - I finally found one which describes my personality and style (well it is cute, isn't it? :D) and it's also big enough, so I can fit inside a lot of things (I wish I could say loaads of money, haha).

7. Flash

Small and handy 16GB storage disk. Nothing less or more. Lots of files on it, mostly it's my school work for photography (I might take some pictures after they will send me my sketchbooks I made through this year). :)

8. Mobile

   Words are not enough to say what I feel for my little baby :) We're together for almost a year and even he annoys me sometimes, he never let me down. He's cute, smart and really helpful - always knows what the weather will be, so he helps me to pick the clothes for the next day. 
   As this may sound a bit dumb, without Google Maps in my phone I would be lost sooo many times!

9. Hairbrush

   Few months ago, I had a small brush to carry with me. Unfortunately, that one has broke so I have to carry this monster with me now! I don't like my hair, because I have to brush them really often. (I don't have a clue why is that - maybe my hair is too weak?)

10. Notepad

   Sometimes I carry a notepad with me - there is many notes inside it, such as little Russian dictionary, some lyrics of russian songs, Spanish words to learn, notes for Design Technology exam ... When I don't have my laptop on me, I write all my ideas into this notepad.

11. Educational book

   I was inspired by Bridget Jones and bought this book. I do read books occasionaly, as well as I read news online and fashion magazines. This book is great! When you read through it and you think about it, the man who wrote this book is actually so right! I can't really say whether this book can save your marriage, but what I know is that he's got some personal experiences about relationships. Best 50p investment I've ever done ;)

12. Parfume

   I got this parfume on Christmas and I have to say I must have been really good girl, because that parfume smells really nice :) I can't describe it, but the name of it speaks by itself 'Laugh with me, Lee Lee' and it really does bring a good mood, at least for me. It's very fresh and I use it every day.

13. Chewing gums

   I always have a pack of chewing gums on me. This one is Chocolate 'n Mint and it's really nice :) 

14. Lip-balm-stick

   So many times I tried to pick lipstick for myself and I was never succesful. I don't know why is that, but no lipstick really suits me. This is the only option for me, as I hate lipglosses - It has a very mellow colour and it moistures the lips. It also smells nice! :)

15. Antibacterial travel 'soap'

   It's not so long I first bought this antibacterial soap and since then I would never eat out without 'washing' my hands with this. I have about 4 of them, each in different handbag, so it's always with me. And the good except it washes your hands is: it smells like Vodka ;D

16. Mini manicure

   I usually cary this little set with me, especially when I know I will be out for a long time. It's handy when you don't have a time to do your nails at home and you want to improve them at least a bit on the way. 

17. THE MOST IMPORTANT - Sunglasses

   It may sound awkard, but I carry them with me almost all the time. Not just because their stylish and it can improve every outfit (trust me, it's not the main reason). It's mainly because my eyes are really sensitive, so anything can make them tear when they're not protected - the sunlight, the wind, alergies in the spring... I have several different sunglasses and I'm going to raise my collection even more. ;)

What is the most important thing in your bag? :)


  1. to je ale serepetiček :DD

  2. perfekny post!
    Milujem obsahy kabelieeek!
    Asi spravim podobny :D

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  5. I have a lot of things in my bag ! It's still like that !

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