Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My favourite shops in UK

Hey, hi, hello :)
   As I'm leaving England really soon and making some evaluations of my whole year, I must not forget about shopping. Hell yeah, it has been one of the most important things for this year. Not that I wouldn't love shopping before, but here... I got almost on the pro-level ;D
   As my budget is not really low, but still on the student's level (and this is probably the target group as well, because I believe most of my readers is young and still studying), I'll pick the stores where you can get some very pretty, but affordable clothes. Let's start from the most favourite.

TOP 3:

1. New Look
   Perfect store for me. They always have what's in, in a reasonable quality and price. They've often got sales. Their clothes lasts for quite long and looks well even after several washings. Plus - they've got an online store as well. 10% discount with student card.

2. Peacocs
   Another shop I really like. Prices and quality is very similar to New Look, but the style is a bit different. They've also got a stylish clothes, but it's more like trends which will last for a longer period. Hope you get what I mean - it's not a store for fashion victims, but that's what I like about it. They've got shop online, too. 10% discount with student card.

3. Primark
   The legend of low-budget shopping. Even the prices aren't that good as I heard they used to be (tshirt for a pound etc.), it's still very reasonable. And some of the things can last for surprisingly long. No online store, unfortunately. No student discount (the prices are ridiculously cheap already).

Other interesting ones I have to mention:

 Oxford Street - hundreds of shops,the best place I've ever been shopping (yes, better than Miami for me!)
 Topshop - absolutely stylish and adorable clothes, unfortunately a bit overpriced...
 Zara - good quality products and classic pieces for your closet
 Pull and Bear - very good design and quality, modern clothes, reasonable


  1. i share your love for shopping too! i think it's one of the best things about being a girl :) enjoy your trip!

    much love,

  2. I was sad I never had a chance to go to Primark when I was in London last month, since I was only there for a couple of days. And I think we have a New Look in Paris, I'll have to check it out! Stuff in london was just soooo expensive with the pound! Thanks for the comment and the follow, I'm following you too! Love your header, it's adorable :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  3. Oh, and 'stoked' just means really excited :). There's your lesson in American slang for the day!

  4. I love Primark, Topshop, Asos , Zara and Pull and Bear . Bershka is also nice