Thursday, 2 June 2011

Canterbury & the passion for Starbucks

Good afternoon :)
   The last few days have been very busy for me (loads of trips with my friends and stuff - parties :D). But I have a lot of new pictures to share, so you can expect several fashion posts in next few days.
   This one is from Canterbury, where I was with my host-mum and host-sister.Unfortunately she has the other half of photos and we couldn't upload them to my computer, so I don't have much this time. I still hope you'll like this post as there are some quite a nice pictures after a long time. :)

   I do love Starbucks and I visit it quite often, while I'm in England. I didn't really go often when I was in Czech, but I think it's the people here who taught me to love it. It's a wonderful place to meet with your friends, share news, catch-up with a friend you haven't seen for weeks or even with friend you see everyday. It's place for everyone in everytime - with delicious hot drinks which make you warm in winter and cold Frappes which keep you cool in summer.

   I even used to go on Starbucks meetings for international people. It was every Friday from 7pm to 9pm. It was quite fun, we used to chat and play games with other internationals. Thanks for that!

About the outfit:

   I wanted to stylize myself into retro style - huge flower printed dress, simple blazer and the brown bag. It looks a bit vintage, but the sunglasses make it more current. That's about it :)  

Extra coffee caramel Frappucino 

What I wore:
White blazer: Bershka
Sunglasses: Atmosphere
Brown bag: ? :)
Flower dress: Pussycat

I'm really sorry it's called Canterburry and you can't see anything of the town. I hope I get these photos from my friend's camera soon!!! 


  1. ta taška je krásná :)

  2. you look lovely :) love your outfit doll!
    i love coffee and i share your love for starbucks :)

    much love,