Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bits and pieces of the last week

Ahoooj! :) (that's czech "Hello!".)
   So this was my first week in Czech after a year. Such a difference! I still still didn't get used to it (but my czech gets better everyday, haha ;). From the beginning, my dad told my I've got an accent! Would you believe it?!! :D I also pronounced bad some of the letters... :D
   So here is a few pictures from the last week.

This is like the best lighter ever! It's a watch, it's glowing in the dark when you open it and when you light it up, the fire is green!! (I couldn't take a photo of it, so you just have to trust me!:P) It was supposed to be a present but now I really want to keep it! >D

Socks I bought for my Dad. Yeah, he did pay for me whole year in England and I brought him socks, lame, right? :D Well, it was the best I could get...

Afternoon at my friend's place. :D Good times. We wanted to play tennis and look what we found... :D I couldn't stop laughing. That racquet must have been in that shed for at least milion years!! :D

One of the photos was taken just before I left, another one was taken just after I returned from England. If your still on doubt - the blonde one is a year ago, the black one is recent one. It's two different people, isn't it?

My mum took me for a "girly day" for my birthday. First we went to hairdressers, the for a lunch to have Sushi (yummi! :), massage in the afternoon, we did some shopping as well, then we went for a coffee and it finished in the theatre in the evening. (great show by the way :) "Zamilovat se"... "Fall in Love"...)

And this is me and Rickey! :) Gosh, I missed him so much!! 

It's good to be home! ^^