Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kiss me, kiss me...

... say that you miss me...

   So it's been few days now I'm home. It's weird. I couldn't believe I'm coming home, after the whole year I spent in England. 
   I felt so incredibly sad. When I was sitting in the plane, my feelings were so bad - it was like 80% sadness of leaving my perfect, stress-free life and 20% fear of new beginning.
   I met my dad on the airport. We went for a nice breakfast and he took me home. I met the rest of my family there and we went to the nice dinner and to the cinema afterwards. It was really awkard. The second day was better. I had some quality sleep and I started to feel like home again. I met my best friend and it was really nice. The next day I went to school and met many of my friends. It was great to see all the familiar faces and people were glad to see me (although most of them couldn't recognize me - my hair just look too different!).

Something has to end for something new to begin.

You never know whether the new is better than old. You can only believe.

And if you truly believe, your wishes may come true.Just not always the way you expected.

Whoever you are and whatever you wish for, there's always a chance for better beginnings.

Everyone deserves a new start. You just have to believe!

What I wore:
Orange sweater: New Look
Black & White vintage scarf: New Look
Leggins: New look
Balet shoes: Peacocs
Black bag: New Look


  1. To jsou nádherné fotky, jsi kočka!:)

  2. You said INCREDIBLE , didn't you ?? ^^ Haha She is also Incredible ! :D

  3. I love your pictures , You look Beautiful :)

  4. It's still hard when you back to home after you have spent one year in a foreign country ! You strike up a friendship with a lot of people and You don't want to leave each other ...

    I hope you 'll luck to see them again !

  5. It's not easy coming back home after a long time. But I'm sure you will get used to it again and learn to appreciate the things at home.
    Thank's for your lovely comment. You can find the red jeans in Zara. But in Switzerland they're already sold out.
    xx Corina

  6. What a beautiful place to take pictures! And I love that rusty brown color.

    I studied abroad in South America for six months and it took quite some time to adjust back to home life. My advisors warned me of "reverse culture shock." It really is difficult, but you'll soon come to enjoy home again soon enough :)

  7. your blog is amazing! the photos are very inspiring, and i really enjoyed browsing. europe is so beautiful! new follower from usa. maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers!